For our active clients only. Whether for a weekend getaway or a two-week cruise, Green Meadow Veterinary Hospital will care for your companion with the same devotion and detail you do. We can accommodate all sizes of dogs and cats. We gladly provide food as part of our service, or you are welcome to bring your own, along with any special treats, toys, blankets or beds your friend may want to enjoy their stay. Kennels and litter boxes are cleaned every day and dogs are walked four times every day (including Sundays and holidays) with multiple opportunities for outside play. Any guests staying more than three days are given a complimentary bath. We will happily administer any medications they may require for a nominal fee. For their own health and that of others, all pets MUST be up to date on all their vaccinations, at least two weeks before boarding. Vaccines can be given no less than 2 weeks prior to boarding to ensure proper protection and immune response. Please call us at (740) 373-9696 and we will be glad to make arrangements for your pet’s comfortable stay.

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