We, at Green Meadow Veterinary Hospital, understand that sometimes you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. However, when you do not call-in advance to cancel your appointment, you may be preventing another pet from getting much needed treatment.

As a courtesy, we provide reminder calls, texts, and emails, before your appointment.

Below, our missed appointment policies are outlined.

Late Arrival Policy: We make every effort to be on time for all our appointments. Unfortunately, when even one patient arrives late, it can throw off the entire schedule for that day. In addition, rushing or “squeezing in” an appointment shortchanges the patients and contributes to decreased quality of care. Therefore, a client that arrives more than 15 minutes late to their appointment will be rescheduled or treated as a walk-in appointment at an additional fee and be required to wait as necessary to keep the current appointments moving along. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

Cancellation of an Appointment: In order to be respectful of the medical needs of other patients, please be courteous and call our office promptly if you are unable to show up for an appointment. If it is necessary to cancel your scheduled appointment, we ask that you call at least 24 hours in advance. Appointments are in high demand, and your early cancellation will allow another patient access to timely veterinary care. If it is after hours, please leave a message on the office voicemail.

Appointment No Show Policy: A “no-show” is a client who misses an appointment without canceling it. Failure to be present at the time of a scheduled appointment will be recorded in the patient’s chart as a “no-show”.

The first time there is a “no-show”, we will contact you via phone/mail/email to inform you of the missed appointment and remind you of our “no-show” policy.

A 2nd occurrence will result in a non-refundable deposit in the amount of the exam fee to schedule all future appointments. This deposit will be put towards that visit. If you “no-show” after a deposit is made, it is forfeited.

A 3rd occurrence will result in no refund of the exam fee deposit and discharge from the practice.

Surgery, Farm Calls, and Hospital No Show Policy: Failure to cancel a surgery, farm call, or hospital drop off appointment in advance will result in a deposit being required for all future appointments.

We appreciate your patience, understanding, and support. Please help us to assist as many patients in need as we can.

We thank you,

Green Meadow Veterinary Hospital