The veterinarians at Green Meadow Veterinary Hospital are skilled surgeons, offering the option of radiowave surgery for most surgeries. This type of surgery energizes a microfiber tip with high frequency radiowaves, and these radiowaves allow for a more focused cutting and coagulating effect, sealing nerve endings and blood vessels as they are cut. With radiowave surgery there is less post-operative pain, less swelling, less blood loss, and less risk of infection. This all leads to a faster recovery time so your pet is up and back to its old self in no time. Radiowave surgery has no possibility of burns or shocks, making it safer than laser surgery or electrosurgery. As with all surgeries, your pet cannot have any food or water after 9PM the night before its surgery. Routine surgeries are not performed on Wednesdays or Saturdays, and any animal having surgery must have been seen in the last 6 months by one of our veterinarians. Please call (740) 373-9696 to arrange an appointment or surgery.

Following surgery, one of our staff will go over your pet’s specific discharge instructions and home care. Proper home care is as important, often more important, than surgical procedure in ensuring the pet properly recovers from surgery. Our staff is available to answer any questions you might have during your pet’s recovery period.